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Our alpaca farm is conveniently located  in Fauquier County near Washington DC - Winchester, VA -Richmond, VA - Maryland - Southern and Western Pennsylvania - Eastern West Virginia - Delaware

Exceptional Alpacas in Virginia!

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Alpaca Farm near Washington DC

About Us

We focus on superb quality alpacas from exceptional & diverse genetic lines. We are breeding for healthy, show winning huacaya alpacas with exceptional commercial quality fleece and excellent conformation.  We work towards refining their fiber and conformation, so that each generation improves upon the last. We use an artful eye and discernible and objective tools such as histograms, our EPDs and skin biopsies to assist us with refining our breeding decisions. Skyfiber Ranch's alpaca breeding program will continually progress as we introduce new tools and knowledge into our process. In addition, we have acquired some of the best genetics in the world for our breeding program.  We are growing faster than anticipated and enjoy all facets of alpaca ownership.  We continue onward and upward and continually refine our highly regarded standard of distinction.

We interact with all of our alpacas on a daily basis and get to know each of their unique personalities. Each alpaca in our herd is managed with his/her specific nutritional needs in mind and we monitor their health and behavior daily. This focus provides us with healthy and happy alpacas. Like most alpacas, ours love to spend their day perusing through a pasture or staking their claim at the hay box.   Our procedures underscore that the welfare of our alpacas is our first priority.

We are easy to work with and will partner with you through every step (including, uses for all that fiber) of your alpaca venture just as our mentors and now friends have been their for us.  At Skyfiber Ranch, we are dedicated to providing you exceptional quality and value.  Our alpaca ranch offers: alpaca sales, breeding services, consulting, and mentoring.  Plus, our extensive corporate and consulting experience lends itself to helping our clients understand and create data analytics that will help them succeed in alpaca farming. 

If you are interested in learning more about raising alpacas, acquiring alpacas or purchasing a breeding from one of Skyfiber's elite herdsires, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals in alpaca ownership!   ~ Aimée & Mark

      Skyfiber Ranch, LLC is a member of the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) & regional affiliates.