Agistment Services

An overview: Agistment is a term used in the alpaca industry to describe boarding services for alpacas that reside on one farm but are owned by others. It can be a short-term or permanent arrangement. You can purchase your alpacas from us and they can reside here on our farm until you decide to make different arrangements. Your alpacas will be cared for here at Skyfiber Ranch and your alpacas will receive the same high level of care that we give to our own herd. While here, your alpacas will have access to the best care, medication, and animal husbandry practices.

Agisting with Skyfiber Ranch gives you the opportunity to purchase a single alpaca to start with and your alpaca will have the needed companionship of others. You can, with this process, build a breeding herd gradually, as funds allow, before moving them to your own land when your herd has become established. Or, if you don’t have land or plan to purchase land; agistment means you can get involved with alpaca ownership without the need to invest in expensive acreage. Through this process, you can own one or even multiple alpacas for pleasure or as an investment even if you live in a suburb or city.

We have fencing around the entire perimeter including, no-climb. In addition, we have our awesome Kangals, Fergus & Fiona, guarding over the herd day and night. They have scared off a varying array of unwanted predators.

Security cameras add an extra level protection to the farm.

Alpacas have access to free choice hay or pasture and minerals year-round and are provided supplemental feed.  Clean water is always available and fans, coolers and some A/C are provided throughout the barn during the summer.


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