Quick Facts about Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is one of the most luxurious fibers in the world. It comes in 22 officially recognized colors and shades in between.

Its most remarkable quality is its softness.   This is due to the fact it has less scales on each individual fiber, compared to sheep's wool which has many, and more prominent scales.  Even at its coarsest, alpaca is inherently softer than sheep's wool.  The lack of scales and smoothness of the fiber also gives alpaca a natural brightness as the smoother surface reflects the light better.

Alpaca is a hypoallergenic fiber.  It is the ideal fiber to be worn by those who are allergic to wool.  In addition, the low lanolin content of alpaca fiber means it does not need to be scoured prior to spinning.  It can be spun into yarn straight from the fleece, if desired.

Alpaca fiber gets as low as 13-14 microns (fiber diameter).  At its finest, it is used to produce exceptional quality, luxury garments in  knitwear, fine suits and accessories.  Alpaca fiber is still very much a niche market.