Support & Mentoring

Skyfiber Ranch offers mentoring and support 24/7 to our clients.  This includes, but is not limited to; business plan assistance, training and handling, herd health management, nutrition guidelines and recommendations, farm set-up and ongoing consulting services.   We help you decide or continue down your path of alpaca ownership whether you want to be a fiber farm, a show farm or both.  We want you to be happy and successful!

Alpaca Sales

Please see our sales list of distinct and award-winning alpacas here: Our Alpacas 

Financing Terms

We accept cash, check and credit cards.  Financing is available for alpaca purchases.  Contracts extending beyond 12 months have an interest rate set at Prime + 1%.  We are flexible and other options may be available, so please ask.  You can take possession of your alpacas once the down payment is received and the “contract for purchase” has been signed by both parties.  Transfer of ownership with ARI will not occur until the alpaca is paid in full.  


All financed alpaca purchases at Skyfiber Ranch Alpacas must be fully insured by the new owner and Skyfiber Ranch named as payee until the alpaca is paid in full.   After the alpaca is paid in full, insurance is at the new owner's discretion.


Skyfiber Ranch wants you to be happy and guarantees your purchase.  We can provide up to 90 days of complimentary boarding with the purchase of alpacas.  After the terms of free board are over, your alpacas may be agisted for a daily rate per animal.  Animals sold for breeding purposes are sold with reproductive health guarantees.  Bred females are sold with a "live birth guarantee.”   Guarantees will be specified in the "contract for purchase".

Agistment (Boarding) and Transportation

Alpacas may be agisted at a daily rate per animal.  Owners will be billed separately for veterinary expenses and for birthing care.  Buyers are responsible for transportation.  Please see our Agistment page for more information.


We offer breedings to several multi-time champion and trait leading herdsires with exceptional pedigrees. The breeding fees vary depending on the herdsire.  There will be no agistment fees for females or their crias for the first 60 days.  Any veterinary expenses will be billed to the owner. We do require a negative fecal within 7 days prior to arrival, a negative BVD PCR, and a CVI (with all required testing) from your vet.  Breeding fee discounts available to clients who have purchased breeding females from us.



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